Kit Harington Is His Pensive, Attractive Self For His Latest Jimmy Choo Ads

Well hello, Kit Harington! Look at you being all attractive and thoughtful today.

The Game of Thrones actor took on the model role as the face of Jimmy Choo in their latest ad campaign. He’s hawking shoes, fragrances, I think sunglasses and maybe some other stuff I’m not getting because I’m too distracted by Kit’s beauty.

You know, he might hate his long hair, but I want to do nothing more than pull those curls and run my fingers through it. 

You know, if this whole acting thing stops working for him, Kit could have a serious career as a model. I’d buy magazines just to stare at his butt. Sure I’d prefer if that butt was naked and on my TV, but(t) I’ll take what I can get.

Launch the gallery to check out all the shots from the campaign. I look forward to seeing them all over the place. And as an added bonus, Kit is even in their fragrance video ad. Enjoy it below.