Kit Harington Gets Pensive And Shows Off His Fine Ass On The Set Of His New Movie

OK, so we can’t actually see the ass by itself, but oh my god! Look at the way those pants are clinging to Kit Harington!

The Game of Thrones actor was spotted in London today on the set of his new movie Spooks, The Greater Good. It sounds like kind of a crazy movie as it deals with MI5. Wait, isn’t it MI6? I’ll Google it when I’m done here.

Clearly Kit was channeling his inner Jon Snow as he walked along the water looking pensive. 

But sexy none the less. What does Kit look like with short hair? Is it good? Is it as sexy as him with long hair? I will have to Google that too.

Also! Kit! Can you get naked some more on Game of Thrones? You said you were all down for it in GQ, so please! Make it happen! Let us see your ass without the pants! Please and thank you. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kit on set. So handsome.