Kissing Stars Celebrate Mistletoe Season [PHOTOS]

Rob & Kristen Kiss
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart steal a Cannes kiss.
Tis the season to be romantic!  With the holiday season upon us, the world is chalk full of sappy gestures of love, everywhere you look. Between the Christmas-themed romantic comedies, the constant advertisements about cute gift ideas, the winter weddings and the abundance of mistletoe, everyone seems to get more lovey-dovey around this time of year, and the stars are no different! The end of the year gives stars, like the rest of us, a time to reflect on the loves they have, or don’t have, or used to have *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* and most of them respond by showing some extra PDA with their loved ones, with the world forced to watch.

To be fair, much of the kissing going on in Hollywood right now is on-screen. But take it from couples like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, and Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, co-stars can easily become off screen romancers!

So, in celebration of the most lovestruck time of the year, we’ve gathered some of Hollywoods most adorable, sloppy, and just plain awkward smooches.  Around the holidays, a little PDA is acceptable, after all! It’s Christmastime after all!  And perhaps it will inspire you to find your favorite celebrity (or non celebrity) and nonchalantly slip a mistletoe above your heads!