Kirstie Alley Models for Oprah

November 6th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Making good on her deal with Oprah, Kirstie Alley returned to the daytime talk show after losing a whopping 75 pounds, sporting a bikini. From

After losing 75 pounds, Kirstie fulfills her promise and proves she is bikini ready! “You look beautiful,” Oprah says. The prospect of wearing a bikini in front of millions motivated Kirstie to work out even harder with her trainers, she says. When the time came to go on stage, Kirstie says she wasn’t worried about her body–just her pantyhose!

Pantyhose under a bikini sounds mighty uncomfortable, but hey, whatever works, girl. To see Kirstie in motion, click here.

Written by Lisa Timmons

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. The pantyhose are to keep the thighs from jiggling. ;)

  2. NewYorkSeedy

    i hate to speculate but i swear, she looked ‘tucked’ and i dont mean her tummy!

  3. corpuschristi

    Don’t be a hater, she still looks good with her chubby thighs. Give her some credit, I can only imagine what you must look like. To the both comments posted back in Nov 06′.

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