Kirstie Alley Feels Discriminated Against

Kirstie is bitching because she feels that people ranking on Scientology is “bigotry”.

Kirstie Alley is sick and tired of people slamming her religion, Scientology.

“Why is it OK that Scientology gets slammed? A bigot is a bigot is a bigot,” the former star of “Cheers” and “Fat Actress” tells Ladies’ Home Journal in the magazine’s January issue.

Alley became a Scientologist after attending the group’s Narconon drug rehabilitation program in 1979. Now she credits Scientology — along with Jenny Craig — with helping her lose weight.

She’s got a point. But the world is full of prejudice and bigotry. This is not a Coke commercial. You worship an alien from outer space, and your religion harasses ex-members and launches smear campaigns against journalists who investigate their practices. People give me shit because I’m into dudes. Earth’s an imperfect place, honey. Which explains why your deity is from beyond the stars.

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