Kirstie Alley Feels Discriminated Against

December 21st, 2006 // 6 Comments

Kirstie is bitching because she feels that people ranking on Scientology is “bigotry”.

Kirstie Alley is sick and tired of people slamming her religion, Scientology.

“Why is it OK that Scientology gets slammed? A bigot is a bigot is a bigot,” the former star of “Cheers” and “Fat Actress” tells Ladies’ Home Journal in the magazine’s January issue.

Alley became a Scientologist after attending the group’s Narconon drug rehabilitation program in 1979. Now she credits Scientology — along with Jenny Craig — with helping her lose weight.

She’s got a point. But the world is full of prejudice and bigotry. This is not a Coke commercial. You worship an alien from outer space, and your religion harasses ex-members and launches smear campaigns against journalists who investigate their practices. People give me shit because I’m into dudes. Earth’s an imperfect place, honey. Which explains why your deity is from beyond the stars.

Kirstie On Prejudice [Showbuzz]

By J. Harvey

  1. I don’t discriminate against her because of her religion, I discriminate against her because she’s fat, ha ha ha

  2. CM

    Thanks for calling her out on the stupidity and the naivete of her statement. The Scientologists are frightening. I had a coworker who had to leave the country to escape the constant
    harassment of Scientologists. Kirstie Allie just doesn’t want to open her eyes to the kind of people she is really involved with. They are just another cult that feeds off of control of their members.- No matter how many celebrities they get to make them look glamourous.

  3. sec

    Ummm, if she’s been a member since 1979….and it helped her to lose weight….why the heck didn’t help her from keeping it off in the first place????

  4. Tonysgirl

    WoW!!! 1979 and it took her til 2006 to loose all that weight?? something just does’nt add up here Watson..

    ohhhhh and um btw she is U-G-L-Y she looks like Elvis in drag!!!Now we really know what happened to Elvis he was reincarnated into Christie or Kristie or Krispy kreme….lol

  5. Cindy


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