Kirsten Dunst’s Purse Stealer Still Not Convicted

3rd times a charm? I’m sure at this point Kirsten Dunst’s seen here shopping in SoHo on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 with boyfriend Jason Boesel just wants this mess to be over with.
Turns out the sentencing of James Jimenez aka the man convicted of stealing Dunst’s Balenciaga bag from her SoHo hotel has been postponed.
This whole thing really seems like a hot mess doesn’t it?
First Jimenez’s trial ends in a hung jury but oh wait…he was also found guilty of burglary by a second jury this month. Next, one of Jimenez’s jurors came out and admitted to discussing reports that the Bring It On star denied smoking pot with other jurors (which apparently is not allowed). The defense now insists the juror is untruthful and lacks credibility.
Moral of the story Parker requested a third trial and the judge will decide on Aug 12th if it will happen.
Oh but wait, this is the cherry on top of an exhausting sundae. According to the New York Daily News Jimenez really believes “he’s too dumb to have pulled off the 2007 heist.”
Well there you go. Ha. Think he did it? Or better yet… you even care?