Kirsten Dunst’s Condoms Are Getting a Workout

February 5th, 2007 // 5 Comments

The New York Post reports that Kirsten’s still super-busy. She was spotted out with that guy from Saturday Night Live who was responsible for that completely irritating short about Narnia and cupcakes. Nails on a f*cking chalkboard!

KIRSTEN Dunst seems to be over her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal – but she’s not settling down. The blonde has been linked to every dark-haired, scruffy guy in Hollywood lately (including Adam Brody and Adrian Grenier) and was most recently spotted partying with Andy Samberg. The two were at downtown hipster haven 205 at the DKNY jeans party for “East of Havana.” “She was hanging out and dancing with Andy most of the night,” said our source. “They were behind a screen in their own little VIP area.”

She does seem to have a type lately. Nevertheless, I can’t believe she did the guy from SNL responsible for that horrifying song. God, it was weeks and weeks that I had to hear that damn thing from friends and “have you seen that Narnia song on Youtube, it’s so funny” and “oh my god,cupcakes!” and “CHRON-I-CLES!” and SHUT THE F*CK UP! Once is cute. Twice is a nod and a weak grin. One more time and I’m putting a pistol in my mouth or detonating plastique in 80 Rockefeller Center. Less is more, Andy. Or Adam. Or Agatha. Or whatever your name is.

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By J. Harvey

  1. 2 Old 4 This

    you mean Adam Sandburg?

    don’t type angry, dude

  2. Stella

    No… J. Harvey is correct-it’s Andy Samburg…

  3. right said pam

    i hate to be that kid, but you’re both wrong. the guy’s name is andy samberg…you know, like how they spelled it in the article? lay off the hot guys, kirsten. go hit up the pivert, or some skeeve pie like him

  4. 2 Old 4 This

    LOL! my bad

    I should take my own advice: don’t type stoopid

  5. You’re all nuts. The guy’s name is Harold Bracinowitz. Geesh.

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