Kirsten Dunst Working Her Way Back to Rehab

Kirsten Dunst partying isn’t exactly new. It was one of the rumored reasons that she and Jake Gyllenhaal split.  But with Spider Man 4 rebooted with a  new director and new cast there seems to be little on the horizon movie-wise for her and she might be taking the partying up a notch with her free time. This time around she was drinking sans Jason Boesel, who might have gotten tired of her embarrassment of being photographed with him.  Or his embarrassment or her.  So much for that stint in rehab.

Dunst could barely stand up last night at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas, as she flashed a peace sign next to a bucket of Veuve and water.  Eventually the Bring It On star was escorted away from the black jack table up to her room, but not before getting her hula on much to her giggly friend’s amusement. Put her on your dashboard ladies and gentleman, she’s doooone!