Kirsten Dunst Testifies In Stolen Purse Case

September 24th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Spiderman actress, Kirsten Dunst, took to the stand to testify as a witness in the case of James Jimenez, accused of sneaking into the actress’ penthouse suite at the SoHo Grand and stealing thousands of dollars of items.

Dunst discovered the theft after a night out with the cast of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and returned to the room with co-star, Simon Pegg.

Kirsten’s testimony lasted 30 minutes, during which time a giggly Dunst described the stolen items, which include a $2,000 Marc Jacobs purse. She told the court, “My purse had $2,000 in it, a pair of sunglasses, my wallet with all my credit cards.”

Tee hee!

Gallery Info: Kirsten Dunst and James Jimenez testify about her stolen purse.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. The bail bondswoman

    ….I KNOW WHAT YOU DID IN 07……..

    She’s pretty much lying under oath and tampering with evidence that can prove she had her purse at her side at 5am.

    The purse that was stolen was not
    Ms. Dunst but that of her pot head assistants, who so bad insisted, pressuring Ms. Dunst to ask security manager to see the video.

    Taken from Ms. Dunst was her wallet which had her license and credit cards that her assistant was holding for her along with her own wallet and marywanna.

    One purse was stolen with two wallets inside. Video they tampered with shows Ms. Dunst at 5am with her purse at her side.

    Maybe Ms. Dunst went along with this scandalous scam because her rep was at risk after being labeled a Drug Addict thinking fans would feel sorry for her.

    If you Come forward now! there is a good chance I wont press charges against
    -You Ms. Dunst
    -Your assistant.
    -Security manager at the soho hotel
    -Anyone else who tampered with that tape from your crew

    Spiderman’s not going to save you from me,
    justice in the court will be done. Ill make sure of it.

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