Kirsten Dunst Enjoys Some Googly British Love


At the British premiere for “Spider-Man 3,” Kirsten Dunst arrived on the red carpet flying solo, but met up with her man of the hour, British singer, Johnny Borrrell, to enjoy the festivities at the post-premiere party. And even though Kristen’s been playing it coy about the relationship, Johnny has no problem dishing details. From People:

“I’m not hiding anything. We met in Los Angeles. We were hanging out at South by Southwest and we’ve been hanging out ever since,” the rocker, 26, told PEOPLE at an L.A. press event for Razorlight’s new single, “America.”

What’s it like dating someone in the public eye? “I don’t think there’s any rules behind it. If you fall you fall. In life that’s what you do,” he said. “You follow the things that you can’t resist and you go where you go. That’s falling in love.”

So yes, it seems the couple are on, despite reports that Johnny had dumped Kirsten in favor of his ex-girlfriend (ouch).

“There was a little breakup, but it resolved very quickly,” the friend says – things are heating up for them now: “They’re really, really into each other,” says the pal. “It’s like googly love!”

I just love that expression “googly love,” in case you can’t tell by the fact that I’ve already used it twice in this blog post alone. But it’s the visualization of “googly” sex that actually sounds kind of weird. For some reason, I imagine it involves the use of rubber hoses and a robot.

More photos of Johnny Borrell and Kirsten Dunst can be seen here.