Kirsten Dunst’s Hair Pulling Adventure

Kirsten Dunst, always a terribly captivating person (insert obnoxious, over-the-top eye roll), was out last night at the premiere of her new film All Good Things last night in New York.

I’m being jaded, but I just think that Dunst always looks like a sour puss…Don’t you agree?

In the film, Dunst plays a woman who goes missing shortly after her marriage to a wealthy real estate heir unravels, inspired by the 1982 missing person’s case centering around the wealthy Durst family. She stars opposite Ryan Gosling, who she said gave her a few memorable days on the set…

“I’d say the scene where Ryan takes me by the hair and pulls me out of the house. The next day Ryan sent me flowers because he felt bad for having to pull my hair. I was trying to make him feel okay about having to do it, but he still had a difficult time,” she said.

She also goes on to talk about how she has faith in the new Spider-Man films, but she’s sad that they didn’t really get to say goodbye at the end of theirs.

“It’s just sad that there wasn’t a proper ending (for the trilogy). We didn’t know when we shot the third one that it would be the last. I wish we would have known. Maybe we would have cherished that time a bit more, knowing it would be the last one for all of us.”