Kirsten Dunst Says Goodbye To ‘Spiderman’

Kirsten Dunst is happy wrapping up her turn as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man franchise.  Dunst is ready to usher in a new era of spideys as an audience member.  Never Let Me Go’s Andrew Garfield and Easy A’s Emma Stone will star in a reboot of the famed comic book series.  Still, Dunst is very proud of the work she did with co-star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi:

“I felt like what we had during those films was so special, me and Tobey and Sam — It was such a unique experience,” she said. “It was these independent minds and actors, and we were making this huge film, and it’s great. All these kids are such huge fans, and to be part of a movie like that is very special, especially a good franchise. So to end on three, I think is the perfect way to leave it.”

After taking a two-year hiatus from films, Dunst will star in All Good Things opposite Ryan Gosling.  It’s reported that the two share a steamy shower scene, in which Dunst appears topless.