Kirsten Dunst Garners Oscar Buzz Despite Her Depression

Is she throwing us spirit fingers? Go Toros!

Kirsten Dunst is already racking up the Oscar buzz for her new film, Melancholia, in which she stars alongside hottie, Alexander Skarsgard, as his uber depressed wife. If only she was his bored wife…then, that’d make for some real footage of the two stunning actors.

Photos: Holy Uninspiring Halloween Costume, Kirsten

Since Kirsten’s co-star resume reads like a dream list of who’d you rather date, f*** or marry, (read: Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, James Franco), we have the genius producers behind her next film, Cities, to thank for including Clive Owen and Orlando Bloom to the upcoming film.

In the meantime, check out the video of Kirsten on GMA to discuss Melancholia. What do you think, Socialities? Does she have a shot at taking home Best Actress again, like she did at Cannes?