Kirsten Dunst Looks Cute At LAX, Says ‘Marie Antoinette’ Ruined Her Hair

Kirsten talks bad...
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If there’s one celebrity who knows how to keep her business private, it’s Kirsten Dunst! Who sees her, ever!

Well cameras spotted her yesterday landing in LAX! Not sure where she was coming from, but the actress look cute dressed in all black. She also sported some shades and a side braid to complete her adorable look!

Her hair didn’t look bad either, considering she says her 2006 role in Marie Antoinette fried her hair!

Taking on the role, Kirsten knew she’d be dressing up in costumes and having her hair replicate the fashions of the era, but she didn’t know it would come at the price of her hair’s health.

She said:

For me it was two hours teasing – I literally had doll hair at the end; it was so fried because of all the hair spray. So that was not fun for me, even though it looked really amazing.

In case you don’t remember, the 31-year-old also had a chunk of her hair removed for 1999’s Virgin Suicides!

It comes with the job description I guess. And besides, she looked great in the movie.