Kirsten Dunst Casual and Calm Before Award Season

Kirsten Dunst at LAX was taking a more casual approach for the Holiday weekend. A vast difference fr0m her many recent red carpet appearances for her latest film, Melancholia. Her role in the film, directed by Lars von Trier landed her the Best Actress Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. There is even buzz of an Oscar for the upcoming Academy Awards, which would be the first nomination for the 22 year acting veteran. Maybe this explains why she can’t stop smiling as she braves the crowds at the Los Angeles airport.

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The film follows Kirsten as a manic-depressive who is set to wed Alexander Skarsgard. Despite the intense subject matter, Kirsten found this to be one of her “easiest” roles yet. “Because it was so freeing. It was literally like doing a play sometimes. We’d just role, you wouldn’t know where the camera was, we’d improvise. It would roll for ten minutes and you wouldn’t know what was coming out of it.” An interesting concept that is sure to give a new vision to viewers.