Kirk Cameron Channels Tom Cruise’s Career Path

March 20th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Now just substitute a few words, and we have Tom Cruise‘s life.

Tom Cruise, From Movie Star to Evangelist
Teen Actor Finds Second Career Trying to Bring People to Scientology

(Source: ABC News)

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lylelyle

    Please, please, please do not ever compare Scientology to Christianity; someone out there just might (God forbid) confuse the two. Comparing Kirk Cameron and Tom Cruise for standing firmly behind their religious convictions is beyond ignorant…do what you gotta do Kirk and listen not to the naysayers.

  2. Shan

    Have you ever SEEN the website that he (Cameron) is attached to? Seriously… this isn’t the way Jesus envisioned it…

  3. Memphis, TN

    Seriously, that is just a WRONG joke. Kirk really, really seems to be a genuine, good f
    family man, and Tom?? Serious questions about Tom’s sanity these days, and I am praying for Katie and her child . Tom Cruise is just a has been freak, and why in the world would that poor (now very rich) poor Katie even be with him?
    Surely she could do better , even in Ohio. Hmmmm

  4. katie

    You know, I adore my husband, but I have to say, even we don’t hold hands every second. These two are over-compensating to a nauseating degree. We get it, you are madly in love, Tom’s straight, Katie thinks scientology is great. Blah, blah, blah….ugh. STop stuffing it down our throats.

  5. HOmade

    Where the hell have you been?! Kirk’s been attempting to brainwash…I mean, convert people a lot longer than Tom Cruise now.

  6. Kelsey

    1. Where’s the pregnant lady glow? She looks like she has jandice
    2. Why must they constantly be holding hands? Maybe that’s how Tom passes his genetic material…
    3. Does she smile? Ever? She’s probably violating the contract!
    4. What’s with the glasses? You look like a bug!
    5. Shoot me.

  7. Curious Cat

    Weren’t Kirk and Kate Moss dating/engaged while he was on Growing Pains???

  8. EMily

    Kelsey – I love your comment! Hilarious!

  9. Jessie Williams

    Scientology foes blast Cruise in ad

    The battle between Tom Cruise and Scientology and its foes is heating up.

    Cruise and Scientology have been in the news lately because of an allegedly censored “South Park” parody of the religion — and now Scientology and the “Top Gun” star are being blamed for a woman’s death.

    “Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health,” blasts an ad in LA Weekly. The ad goes on to say that a woman was killed “by the schizophrenic son she was told to treat with vitamins instead of psychiatric care.”

    The ad refers readers to a Web site, which provides details on the case of Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old schizophrenic who stabbed his mother to death. Perkins was a staunch Scientologist and his mother was a counselor in the church — which opposes psychiatry and psychiatric drugs and “believes modern psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization’s plot to drug and enslave humanity,” notes the site.

    A spokesman for the Celebrity Center of the Church didn’t respond to requests for comment by deadline.

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