Kirk Cameron Brings His Crazy To Anderson Cooper ‘Mysterious Bird Death’ Segment

January 4th, 2011 // 3 Comments
Anderson Cooper Kirk Cameron

No idea why cookie hater Anderson Cooper brought on actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron who starred in the Left Behind series to discuss the mysterious bird and fish deaths in Arkansas? Here’s a choice segment from the interview.

COOPER: Doing the series which are hugely popular, did it change your faith at all? Did it change the way you thought about the idea of the end times or your reading of the Bible in any way?

CAMERON: Well, I’ve been a Christian for about 20 years. And certainly, there are fascinating passages in the Bible talking about the return of Christ. And people are trying to pinpoint those on a — in a chronology of events.

But you know what it made me think about, was just the fact that I’m probably going to die of some other cause before this happens. A friend of mine just died yesterday. And what I thought about mostly was the fact that life is short. And I need to be ready whenever it is that God decides to end my life here on earth. And to me, that’s — that’s the key.

So, in other words, be prepared to die people! Fascinating stuff. Watch the interview by clicking the read more link below.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. J

    Given Kirk’s conspiracy theory-like thoughts on creationism, and his insistence that the Book of Revelation is a factual document and the Rapture is going to happen in our lifetime, it’s not really a stretch to think he would have an opinion on such stories as this.

  2. LoriLori

    Cameron was the smart one here, he refuted any End Time biblical connection. He told that idiot AC to call a Vet not him. KC said he is not a “religious-conspiracy theorist go-to guy, particularly”

  3. J

    I disagree with Cameron. If he doesn’t want to be the religious conspiracy go-to guy, he shouldn’t have built himself up as an expert on popular Christian Eschatology.

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