Kingston Rossdale Enjoys A Nice Day Of Play

That Kingston Rossdale sure knows how to have a good time. Kingston was seen with daddy Gavin Rossdale, mommy Gwen Stefani, and little sister Zuma at a hotel in Irvine where Gwen will be playing with No Doubt.

Kingston was ever the busy boy as he made mommy hold is scooter so he could play with a pretty doggie. I wonder if this is the fun stuff Kingston’s got going on at his dinner parties?

Zuma looked pretty tired. Clearly she’s not as into the whole playing thing like Kingston is. But to be fair, Zuma is usually looking tired. Or bored. One or the other.

Those two are going to make such entertaining grown up celebrity children one day. Hope I’ll be there to talk about it!

Gallery Info: Kingston and Zuma Rossdale play with daddy Gavin Rossdale and mommy Gwen Stefani.