King Spencer Pratt Is Not Amused With Ryan Seacrest

September 3rd, 2009 // 7 Comments

Spencer Pratt, the new self-proclaimed King of America, has chosen American Idol host Ryan Seacrest as his first official beheading. OK, so maybe not his beheading, but Spencer is not pleased with Mr. Seacrest at all.

MTV News reports that on Wednesday Ryan asked listeners of his radio show to call in which reality television stars they would like to see get tasered. This was in reference to reality star Brody Jenner, who got tased in a bar fight last week. When Ryan talked about maybe tasing The Hills star and Spencer’s wife Heidi Montag, Spencer was “disgusted.”

First he took to his Twitter to yell at Ryan through the internet, and then followed that up with the release of a formal statement on Ryan’s comments. “I’m disgusted and horrified that Ryan Seacrest would find it amusing and entertaining to have his listeners call in about tasing anyone. What’s next, Ryan — guns and knives? Waterboarding? It is irresponsible and offensive for someone with your platform to promote violence on this level. For someone who produces reality content, I’m shocked that you’d encourage people to tase reality stars. Would it be funny to you if one of your Kardashians got tased? Is that how you treat your talent, Ryan? Finding humor in violence is disgusting. For someone who pretends to be mister clean-cut America, you really should be ashamed. Any reasonable person knows that a Taser isn’t a Super Soaker and can cause immediate death. I expect an apology not to just us, but to people everywhere for using your public voice to spread violence.”

As you can tell, Spencer is not happy about this at all. Heidi had a lot less to say though. She took to her Twitter with two posts. In the first she wrote, “I am praying for your soul @RyanSeacrest!” And in the second she linked to Spencer’s statement and wrote, “I love my husband! Thank you.”

I have an idea. Let’s taser Spencer. Oh crap, now he’s going to get mad at me, isn’t he? Oh well. At least the two of them won’t be having any children that they can ruin. Small victories everyone, small victories. And now if we can just get Spencer to please take off that awful crown and go live in a small hole in a land far, far away and not by a pool in Hollywood, I think we should be good, don’ you?

Gallery Info: Spencer Pratt pretends to look royal as he and wife Heidi Montag hang out by the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. daj

    who cares about these douchebags? Are they paying SL money to be covered? This site used to be hip and funny and about more than Twilight, the Hills, and Gossip Girl. I have no idea who most of the people are that you cover because I’m not a tween girl. Now SL is just a tool with an ugly color scheme.

    I have just deleted your bookmark. Good luck to you.

  2. RandomReetie

    why don’t we just ship them off back to the jungle, this time without a camera crew, and let them rot there! So glad they won’t be procreating. The world doesn’t need any little “herpes” babies (see Chelsea if you don’t get it–she does!)

  3. hoosiermom

    Please, Ryan Seacrest, please PLEASE don’t apologize!!!!!

  4. Vicks

    Wow daj.
    Maybe you need to check the site another time to see that Twilight, Gossip Girl, and The Hills is not the only thing SL writes about. Sure they write about those, things, but that’s because people, obviously not you, are interested in them.

    If you scroll through the main page right now you’ll find a story on Daniel Craig, Kim Cattrall, Idina Mendzel and Taye Diggs, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, and one on Diane Kruger. If you don’t know who these people are, then it’s probably just you not knowing them, because trust me, other people do.

    Next time, try going through articles before you make inaccurate judgments.

    And yes, Spencer Pratt is a total tool and has been around the site a little more frequently, but that’s probably because what he’s saying is so freaking stupid, that the good people at SL just want us to be amused by his stupidity. But yes, leaving him and Heidi in the jungle with no camera crew would be fabulous indeed.

  5. Martiniman

    I’m guessing Daj has already flown the coop…probably just venting because these tools continue to get publicity. The jungle deal is ok if you add burning at the stake…

  6. Chris

    After all the talentless hacks that have flooded the media (Paris), I have never felt more compeled to boycott any single person, much less a pair. They are so stupid and oblivious to their stupidity. Why is anyone wasting their time on these two?

  7. Jennifer

    I’m with Seacrest… the bastard needs to be tased.

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