Kimora Lee Simmons Too Ghetto?

The New York Daily News reports Kimora and her crew were shot down at Unik Ernest’s P.M. Lounge Thursday night:

Several members of the Baby Phat founder’s entourage were deemed “too urban” Thursday night to be allowed into the Meatpacking District boite, which has the atmosphere of a mid-century Haitian gentleman’s club. While Simmons, execs from her clothing line and a roster of “Baby Phat girls” were ushered into the party for company ad director B.J. Coleman, rapper types were blocked, says the source. “There was definitely drama at the door,” one guest tells us. “They kept saying we were too ghetto,” says our source. “They were rude – they even called one guy a ‘big fat [homophobic epithet].'” Words – including the N-word – were exchanged, claims our earwitness, and “Kimora was horrified.” Unik told us: “I am black, and I never use that word. And my host is gay – we don’t use that word, either. I didn’t hear my staff use them – anyone in the crowd could have shouted it out. But give your source my cell number, and I will line up everyone who worked that night, and if they can identify him, he will be fired on the spot. Not tomorrow, not the next day, on the spot.”

I think that a bigger issue is being ignored here. Did anyone stop to think that maybe this has something to do with how ANNOYING Kimora Lee Simmons is? Seriously, have you heard her talk? It’s painful even when I’m just pretending to think about it.

Written by Lisa Timmons