Kimora Lee Simmons Does Some Talkin’

In a cover story with King magazine, Kimora Lee Simmons talks about her dating difficulties post Russell Simmons:

“Guys do not step to me! They don’t, and if they do, they’re a certain kind of a guy, like some little kid in the club. Like, ‘What, do you even know who I am?’ But no one ever steps to me, I guess ’cause they are being respectful.”

Finally, Kimora is able to verbalize for me the reason that I never dated in high school and went to prom by myself: out of respect for my honor. Thanks for clearing that up, K.

Kimora’s interview continued with her proclamation that she’s a “Blazin’ Asian…Me and Tiger Woods are the same damn thing!”

I like the way Kimora’s estimation of her multi-ethnic heritage makes her sound like a circus performer. I imagine her poster as the “Blazin’ Asian” to include her jumping through fiery hoops of flame, while wearing nothing more than a skimpy Baby Phat pink terry-cloth bikini and some very expensive hooker shoes.

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