Kimora Lee Simmons Does Some Talkin’

July 7th, 2006 // 11 Comments

In a cover story with King magazine, Kimora Lee Simmons talks about her dating difficulties post Russell Simmons:

“Guys do not step to me! They don’t, and if they do, they’re a certain kind of a guy, like some little kid in the club. Like, ‘What, do you even know who I am?’ But no one ever steps to me, I guess ’cause they are being respectful.”

Finally, Kimora is able to verbalize for me the reason that I never dated in high school and went to prom by myself: out of respect for my honor. Thanks for clearing that up, K.

Kimora’s interview continued with her proclamation that she’s a “Blazin’ Asian…Me and Tiger Woods are the same damn thing!”

I like the way Kimora’s estimation of her multi-ethnic heritage makes her sound like a circus performer. I imagine her poster as the “Blazin’ Asian” to include her jumping through fiery hoops of flame, while wearing nothing more than a skimpy Baby Phat pink terry-cloth bikini and some very expensive hooker shoes.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. damn this woman is krazyy!

    pacman krazy! :)

  2. enoughalready

    Some guy should step ON this stupid bitch.

  3. Steven

    I love Kamora. I think she is fabulous and she has a really great sense of humor. I could see her and I being friends.


    I’d hit it

  5. pook

    she is the ugliest beast that i have seen in my life. I cant believe she is so famous and rich without have any looks, any brains, or any skill whatsoever

  6. nanëkø

    Her clothing line is successful. That would be her talent :) Otherwise, she just makes me think of an Asian Tyra Banks.

  7. cuckooclock

    Let’s see, she’s unattractive, devoid of any class, famous because of Russell Simmons, and analphabet to boot. She’s kind of like an Asian Paris Hilton, what’s not to like?

  8. Anyone who saw her and Simmons on MTV Cribs a few years ago knew that Russell made a huge mistake.

  9. Anyone who saw her and Simmons on MTV Cribs a few years ago knew that Russell made a huge mistake.

  10. Awkward Pictures

    Sorry about that everybody, my browser freaked out.

  11. E1ev1N

    Hey is Kimora Lee Asian or what? She does seem to look like half Asian to me and the other half black…perhaps she is half Asian and Black….I don’t know, I am guessing….anyway please tell me….

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