Kimora Lee Simmons Allegedly Ripped Off Macy’s

Kimora Lee Simmons and her fabulosity apparently ran some kind of cosmetics scam on Macy’s and she’s getting sued over it. Kimora signed an agreement to sell her line of beauty products at Macy’s, and then is being accused of pumping up the price and using the profits to outfit herself in the finest drag queen accoutrements possible. Ok, that last part isn’t true but have you seen this biddy? Trannielicious! And no biological woman calls her book “Fabulosity”, Anyway, Macy’s has filed suit against Kimora in Manhattan Supreme Court. Kimora’s representatives had no comment so far. Probably because she fired them! Have you seen that show she had? She fires everyone! I’m shocked she hasn’t fired those kids yet!

Photos: Splash