Kimora Lee Simmons Is A Pretty Butterfly

Or something like that. A fabulous butterfly, maybe? I’m assuming her pose is suppose to be what fabulous looks like. She may want to rethink that. Fabulosity : What It Is and How to Get It is a wealth of wisdom. Right up there with Star Jones’ upcoming book.

Fabulosity (n): 1: a state of everything that is fabulous 2: a quality ascribed to that which expresses glamour, style, charisma, power, and heart

Kimora Lee Simmons knows what it means to have fabulosity — and she wants to tell you how to get it.

In this empowering new book, Kimora — a top model, wife of hip-hop legend Russell Simmons, mother to two daughters, a national media presence, and president and creative director of the multimillion-dollar Baby Phat company — shares her personal secrets of success and fabulosity.

Kimora knows that in today’s ultracompetitive world, it’s not enough for women just to be smart or dress well. With too much to do and competition everywhere, the savvy woman must know how to combine feminine glamour with professional power, business ambition with personal values, and confidence with heart. Kimora is the living picture of all these things.

What are Kimora’s secrets to achieving her goals, her signature fabulosity? One is her ability to identify and build upon her own unique talents and strengths. In Kimora’s case, she brilliantly combined the two worlds she knows best — the high fashion and hip-hop scenes — to create Baby Phat, her ultrasuccessful hip-hop inspired lifestyle brand.

Miss Kimora is a bit full of herself.

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