Kimora Lee Simmons Gets Nippy

December 12th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Sweetie, you’re just adding more fuel to the fire.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. JP Thrashya

    I wonder if Russell minds that his wife’s nipples are hanging out like that? those are some biggins!

  2. tocutetoscoot


  3. Erica

    I really, really hope these are the pictures they chose not to use for whatever these pictures are for. She really is hard to like.

  4. mutterhals

    Oh what a hideous ferguson she is. Kimora, Paris and Kimberly(Stewart) need to start Ugly Girls with Money club. Really, its their only saving grace.

  5. xomango

    Oh, Jeebus. And this thing was Karl Lagerfeld’s muse? Granted, he’s freakish, himself, and the whole thing was semi-pedophilic because she was only 13, but still.

  6. tt

    to all why is everyone so concerend on HATEING on such a successful powerful black woman 9 out of 10 she look better than you and yo momma

  7. Capri

    hey tt being married to a black man doesn’t make you black.

  8. greeeeeeen

    Kimora Lee Simmons IS black (and Japanese).

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