Kimora Lee Simmons’ Fan Blogs

We knew there had to be at least one Kimora Lee Simmons fan out there, and what do you know, there is. Say hello to Blog Kimora. The blog has apparently been in existence since September of last year. That’s a whole lotta Kimora.

Our favorite category on the blog is “What She’s Saying.” This gives us a perfect snapshot of how completely full of herself Miss Kimora is. Here are some samplings:

Taking a meeting to discuss lending her name to 42 Below vodka, the designing diva asked how good the spirit was. Told that it was “ultrapremium,” Simmons flicked her hair and said, “So am I!”

“My life is very–big! It’s aspirational. They like my house, they like my cars, they buy my clothes–get it?”

“I’m not necessarily in the same niche as a Valentino,” Simmons said. “But other, more eclectic people, like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Versace? Sure, I think I’m in their league.”

Some of the readers of the Kimora blog are a little skeptic that someone could right so many positive things about the woman. Boo writes: whatever. You’re not Kimora, but you are paid by her because no one would write this cloying shit without money behind it.

We’ll go with that.

(Blog Kimora via Gawker)