Kimora Lee Simmons Gives A Look

December 7th, 2004 // 36 Comments


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ap

    has she gained alot of weight in the past year or, is it just my imagination? either way, she needs to cover that up.

  2. I think she looks great…from the neck down. Her body is a perfectly healthy size…she is half Black and it’s culturally acceptable for us to not look like we are starving. Her face just has too much fat compared to the rest of her. And that is not a sexy face…she looks vapid. Like I said, from the neck down…

  3. Angie

    I think she’s pretty stunning… Her body, like nikki said, is killer, but I do find her face pretty as well.

    Her eyes are pretty amazing, though there is a whole lotta cheek action… All in all I think she’s beautiful.

  4. heidi

    When I happen to see a picture of her, my eyes have to adjust because they don’t know how to focus on that mess.

  5. christina

    Did anyone else notice the abundance of fly-away hairs?

  6. ap

    let me clarify….it does look like she’s gained weight. i don’t think she’s disgusting because she’s not starving to death, i think her body is perfectly acceptable. HOWEVER, i do think that people should dress to suit their figures. she’s not obese, but she’s too fat to be wearing that.

  7. lynne

    I also agree that she looks stunning. No fat rolls or sagging body parts, she can surely pull off wearing that dress.
    Of course I noticed the fly-aways once pointed out.(smiles)

  8. $andy Kane

    Can someone say “trannie?” She’s so post-op.

  9. federlineofcoke

    bitch is prego, she looks like Star Jones sister!

  10. huny

    I don’t see any fat on her. bitch please. not one roll or protruding anything. pregnant? idiot shut UP and stop hating with your heroin-chic white folk aesthetics. women of color don’t give into it and neither should you. I’d rather look healthy then coke whore-ish any day of the week.

  11. casey

    oh. my. god.
    when did she get so awful looking? she was actually somewhat decent right before she married russell.

  12. miss kimora is putting the PHAT into baby phat…

  13. whyowhy?

    to huny: you need to calm down. saying that she’s a little overweight or, my personal favorite, “too fat to be wearing that”, has NOTHING to do with her being a woman of color. why does this have to be a black/white thing? you are blowing this WAY out of proportion. she looks horrible in that dress and that’s sad, because she is a very pretty woman who doesn’t have to dress like trash. she does look healthy and she would look fantastic in an outfit with a little more material. let’s drop the racial argument, you’re the only one here who is taking it in that direction.

  14. JRo

    She’s a butter face. Always has been. Everything looks amazing but her face…which is alright. She’s got pretty features but she obscures it with a lot of ornamentation. This is a woman with a whole lot to prove. What exactly? Can’t put my finger on it just yet.

  15. mimi swanks

    She looks healthy with smooth, cool skin and a nice smile. She’d be fun to talk to but she could have worn something more flattering.

  16. lynne

    wow, i keep trying to see how you all see fat, fat when you look at this photo. i just don’t. her tummy is flat. her collarbone shows. will admit that is a real bad angle on the knee, looks like the camera was too close to her leg and a bit too low but this lady is glowing.

  17. too much jewelry- its too loud- I thought she had fashion sense

    her picture says “im drunk”

  18. federlineofcoke

    huny, you are probably fat too. snort some coke you pig.

  19. Diandra Gwyn

    ummmm…… kimora looks sooo pretty in her pictures… and i admire her for what she does and how she does it…i wanna be just like her!!!!! GO KIMORA!!! keep makin tha haters jealous…

  20. BEEBE


  21. AJ

    I agree with huny, Diandra and Beebe
    she looks great. Real women are comfortable with
    their bodies. I personally think society and the media are trying to brainwash people into believing that looking half dead and mal nourished is glamourous and chic. PLEASE BELIEVE IT IS NOT. I think she looks wonderful. Also women of color come in many shapes and sizes. WE HAVE CURVES!!!

  22. ap

    give me a break. can you people read????? the point is not that she should be uncomfortable with her body or that she’s too fat….the point is that she could wear something a little more flattering. is she obese? no. is she disgusting? no. is this the best choice of outfits for her. NO!!! is this clear? do you get it?

  23. mel

    sure huny , haha thats exactly what a fat girl would say

  24. Sheila

    Elephant Trunk Neck?

    Kimora Lee Simons is pretty. But she really needs to get rid of those rolls on her neck! Her neck looks like an elephant trunk. Seriously! She can use her husbands money to fix that. She uses his money for everything else.

  25. eyecandy

    I think kimora is beautiful and flawless to be a mother of 2 and body look like that is amazing she is sexy and glamorous and all the hating from you haters needs to stop. Kimora is very far from fat or even chubby she looks health and the outfit? If you got it flaunt it!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Autumn

    Okay, first of all to whoever said she spends her husbands money thats bullshit. I dunno where you live but around where I live Baby Phat is such a popular brand. That’s all I wear…so it’s obvious she’s making money. Secondly, fat? What the hell are you, retarded? Kirsty Alley’s fat not Kimora. Get your eyes checked. She’s so pretty and she’s got awesome style. Plus, she’s rich and famous, so do you think she cares what you think? Shut up and get real. You’re probably the fat and ugly one.

  27. first things first kimora looks great because she is naturally beautiful. of course her natural beauty stems from being black and japanese like myself. anyway. to the first comment she did gain alot of wait LAST YEAR due to giving birth to another child meng lee.but she is now currently in shape. you will see for yourself on recent or soon to come appearences by her. u will also see this to be true on her new talk show. to the last comment kimora has her own money okay. she is a fashion designer duh.and if she does spend her HUSBANDS money so what thats her HUSBAND. mind ur business.

  28. I dont like you at all, you are rich bacause of my man, you might have his kids but i have his world. “BITCH” dont try to find me because i used a false e mail Ahh Ahh Ahh BITCH

  29. Danielle

    Don’t be hatin all yall gurlys who can’t even dream of lookin as good as she does. I mean some of yall need not look at others and try and work the jiggly fat of your own butts and appreciate a beautiful, successful and classy young woman. Instead of pulling each other down yall need to be pushing each other up. That dress looks great on her.And all you skinny crackhead lookin mamas need to realise we woman of colour have curves. Get your minds right. Ya Heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. La

    LMFAO@JASMINE..what a loser..

  31. Leroy

    This broad is mint! There is nothing wrong with her. I personally am tired of all these little silicon whores parading around. Real women have curves! Its high time women got their heads together and rejoiced in their God given beauty, and stopped killing themselves to fit some unrealistic, unhealthy idea of beauty. I’m a thirty-five year old male and I have yet to meet an ugly women. But I’ve met hundreds of women that have tried to convince me that they were ugly. Tragic…

  32. dior

    Kimora lee simmons is the badest bitch around. She has so many haters because shes so damn FABOULUS!!!! She is one of my idols and I hope to be just like her in the future. All these poeple are just hating on her because she has more style in her one pinky finger than most bitches have in their whole bodies! She has the money and the fame to do whatever she pleases. And she is so beautiful. What other model can say she was dicovered by the worlds number 1 fashion icon and designer of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld? I say keep em talkin kimora and keep spending and looking fab!

  33. foget the girl Jasmine shes a hater i love kimora email me please kimora my number is216-268-4606 if your areal fan call me or if you know only im 11 years old.

  34. Ebony

    Well I have read just about everyones comments. from those who think that she is those who think that she is gorgeous. My question is what is your definition of FAT? Im not sure i remember who said it but kimora has had two children…so in my opinion she looks gorgeous. and the person who said she had and elephant trunk neck….? her head is tilted to the side lol of course it looks like that. and for those of you who said she shouldnt be wearing that dress…i think the dress looks absolutely fine. we really cant tell what the dress actually looks like on her because she is sitting down. And for the girl who was talkin bout her hair being fuzzy. so what!! maybe that was one of the days she just didnt give a damn. and if i was as sucessful as kimora…i would buy a lot of things as well and flaunt it. she obviously has no shame in her game whatsoever. not only does she buy a lot of stuff, she has her on charities and donates money for worthy does her husband mr. simmons.
    Kimora is an all around sucessful person. i do not know her personally but i do know that she doesnt give a damn what people say about her and i dont blame her. as long as she has money and looks good people are going to talk about her. and as far as she bein fat…that just doesnt make any since. and for the person who commented on star jones…star jones is a very beautiful women reguardless of her size. she may be a size 20 but shes still looks better than a lot of anorexic women i see.

  35. Car

    If there is BLACK in her
    “I DON’T SEE IT!!!” 1/2 a Quarter DOESN’T COUNT, She’s Got HEIGHT But SHE Still a CHINKY to me! STOP Playing Kim, YOU CHINEY!!

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