Kimora Lee Simmons Hollywood Hills Home

April 6th, 2006 // 23 Comments

Check out all 5,818 square feet of Kimora Lee Simmons‘ Hollywood Hills home.

Details about the sale of the house and the value, after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I hope she LOSES IT ALL.

    bad taxes or something.

  2. Mariana

    You know how we often feel that most celebrities don’t deserve all the shit they have? Well, this bitch really doesn’t.

  3. emily

    How does she doesnt deserve to have all that?

  4. Katie

    Not only does she have ALL THAT, she also has a divorce on the way, an unsatiable desire for attention, two kids who she has to dress up like Jon Benet Ramsey and a reputation having to remind everyone in every conversation how much money she has.

    Who cares?

  5. Luv Ya Bitches

    What a BEAST!!!

  6. Cheesy

    But please, Kimora, get a manageable house and use the extra money to good surgeon to do something about the rings around your neck! You’re showing your age like a redwood!

    All the rest of the cosmetic procedures (and pulling your face tighter than the skin on Ricky Ricardo’s conga drum) ain’t gonna help when you’ve literally got ring around the collar.

  7. Celebrity Poop

    Holy Oversized Cheek Implants Batman, WTF? Maybe she needs a new house because her head won’t fit through the door in her old one.

  8. Small Fry

    WTF is that color on the walls, First Morning Piss? Hideous!

  9. Damn!!!!

    Small Fry, you are totally right. The first thing I noticed was the nasty color of the walls. I had to laugh!!!!

    Cheesy…I almost peed in my pants reading your post. The rings are nasty.

  10. Silasdog

    Hell, her mansion ain’t no better than the refrigerator box I live in. At least mine is portable.

  11. megs

    she doesn’t deserve it b/c she leeched off her husband to get herself a name…she didn’t marry him for love, she did it for the money.
    now she’s just some washed up person with a clothing line that is sold in marshall’s

  12. gOssiP

    those rings look more like an adam’s apple…it’s a sheman!!!

  13. emily


  14. ermmm

    I could be wrong but 5 thousand something sq. ft is not that big?

  15. Kari

    Yes, it’s small for their standards, but remember this is one of their MANY homes, and was listed as a Private Villa, therefore, small, luxurious and exclusive in the hills.

  16. Dra

    The ways that the hills are set up is small -for the hollywood hills, thats a more than decent size…

  17. d.c.

    perfect command post and bunker for the divorce wars Commanding General Kimora.

  18. what

    Actually, Kimora has been modeling since she was 13 and was a muse for Karl Lagerfeld when he was at Chanel. She worked her ass off before marrying that guy. She did have a life before that. Unfortunately in this society, if you marry someone powerful and wealthy, everything that you accomplished before that goes out the door.

  19. samk

    this woman has it going on…
    as someone mentioned, she had a viable, money making career before marrying Russ and she obviously has some sense because Baby Phat is one of the biggest selling lines of female clothing in the WORLD. Quit hatin’ and let that woman handle hers.

  20. YShouldIHate

    i’m glad someone said it cause i been saying it since forever….russell spotted her on the runway (making money) and he wanted her and he got her…now what i would like to know from at least one of the many jealous haters out there that swear she is a gold digger and that they know how she feels about everything, if you were working somewhere and a nice looking well off and well known rich man(not saying russell is cute either, but) wanted to take you out, would you say no because people would think you were a gold digger….would you not marry him because of the same reasons….are we not supposed to get with rich men or well off men who will help make our lives that much more comfortable, as well as possibly get a chance to start our own business and make a name for ourselves…are we supposed to stick with the bottom of the barrel niggas who are struggling and will have us popping out babies and struggling….or are we supposed to stay single and have a whole host of kids by different men so we cant be labeled as golddigger but rather whores….tramps….can someone tell me what the standards are that we are to pick from when it comes to men….and i’m not a gold digger….but i be damned if i’m going to hate on another woman cause she married a rich man, ended up with her own company, two beautiful children by her HUSBAND for a change, and her own money when she was 13….how many of ya’ll can say the same…how many woman out there hating wouldnt like to have maybe even a small piece of that…or are your lives so fucked up that all you can do is hate no matter who it is….ya’ll need to wake up….i bet this post will help….

  21. Telena

    I think that whoever it is… dont take shit for granted becuz easy come esay go. And far as kiki doing her. If she can get it, get it. You’ll haters stop haten cuz aint no future in that shit. Haters dont get nowhere becuz they are 2 buzy hating and too worried about the next person and what they got. And you’ll females out there, CUT IT! I know that you’ll at least got one thing that is baby phat. And I will end this with God dont like ugly. What goes up, must come down and what goes around will come back around tripple from when it went around. So if she is a gold digger, let God deal with that she will get hers. Russell staight, he dont want for shit. SOOOO BE EASY YOU’LL.

  22. SaysWho?

    I TOTALLY agree with YShouldIHate. Kimora doing her thing and as far as I’m concerned she didn’t golddig, Russell chased after her. He got what he wanted and she got what she needed. End of story…

  23. butler

    someone knows if she have a butler?

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