Kimora Lee Simmons’ Quotes Of The Day

In a surprising move, Kimora Lee Simmons, doesn’t hold back. She says it like it is. She’s “fo real.”

Kimora argues: “One thing my marriage is not is convenient. I am inconvenienced, s-! “Honey, Russell and I have been together 14 years,” she adds. “That’s almost half my life.”

“That’s like putting a print of Beyoncé on my shirt – she would sue the s- out of me! But I never did sue him. See, that’s one of the things about being married. “I think he probably feels that he’s paid me in so many other ways, and I feel like that’s true,” she said.

“I don’t apologize for my diamonds, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover or anything,” she says. “Look, Queen Elizabeth has more diamonds than me. Why don’t people attack her for it?

And she even sounds flattered that Russell slapped her image on “a line of underwear – all over the boys’ d-s … I’ve been all over their a-; they just sittin’ all over me.”

Kimora Lee’s em-Phat-ic: She and Russell are in love [Rush & Molloy]