Kimora Lee Simmons Arrested

July 28th, 2004 // 31 Comments

kimoraWell this made my day. Uber-bitch, Kimora Lee Simmons was charged with eluding a police officer, possessing marijuana (under 50 grams), careless driving, operating a vehicle while possessing a controlled substance, tail-gating and having a taillight out. While the marijuana possession is harmless (tip – always have a servant transport your stash in another vehicle), Miu never condones reckless driving. There is no charge for driving under the influence, so it take it that the marijuana did not contribute to the careless driving.

Come to think of it, why was she driving herself anyway? Shouldn’t she have been driven wherever she was going?

Kimora’s attorney, Stacey Richman, said: “We deny any wrongdoing whatsoever” and called the incident “another example of a prominent member of the hip-hop community being made an example of.” Whatever.

Russell Simmons said, “My wife is an excellent driver, and she’s not guilty of any crime. You don’t have to grab my wife and put handcuffs on her. Her wrists are all bruised up.” Um, Russell, that’s what happens when you are arrested. [via NYDN]

Cry me a river.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tiresias

    Simmons also pointed out that he is the largest taxpayer in Bergen County but only want to be treated fairly. Ah-huh!

  2. Oh, that’s so hilarious! He asks to be treated fairly after blatantly requesting that they be treated “unfairly” by asking that she not be handcuffed! Poor Kimora-wora has a booby-wooby on her little wristy-wisty?….Aw.

  3. amyfisher

    she can’t drive or design.
    neither surprises me.

  4. Jen

    She sucks.

  5. M

    If her hands are hurt who is going to jerk off Russel while convincing him to sign checks?

  6. TONI

    how come there no job opening from her or her husband. just say not she look like a bitch and i dont even know her

  7. Sheesh

    And that tired excuse of- it’s cuz “WE Black” or whatever- that is SO LAME! It’s not because you’re part of the “HIP HOP” community (like that’s some separate spieces or something). Who CARES if you’re the biggest TAX PAYER- what the HELL does mentioning that GET YOU! Idiots! HAHAHAHA on you- and don’t think that all publicity is good publicity!

  8. doris

    This is so Stupid- of course they’re going to say they’re being made an example of- people like that always make an excuse when they’re CAUGHT doing something wrong

  9. Sandi

    This is so Stupid- of course they’re going to say they’re being made an example of- people like that always make an excuse when they’re CAUGHT doing something wrong

  10. go ahead kimora, girl. Toke till your lips fall off!

  11. Jacquelle

    *Good going Kimora. Looks like you really jerked up this time. I hope you do not get to really mess up babyphat the way you did your driving. Oh and the marijuana, do not take so much because you will probably not be able to model like you used to. Let alone design. But I still love you Kimora. No offense.

  12. What’s such a shame about this for me is that my wife is a special education teacher in New Jersey and the little girls in her class really look up to this young model/designer. One more case of why we’ve got to figure out how to give our children some better role models!!! It’s irresponsible behavior and she SHOULD have been handcuffed just like she was.

  13. Michiru*

    I really felt sorry, Kimora..


  14. Instead of making excuses for Kimora, Russell should be asking who was that guy in the car and what was she doing coming home at that time.

  15. this is a dumb article. Besides, Kimora is a model an she’s talented and shes a designeralong with a mother and she is more than anyone can ever be so everyone here can shut the f*** up cause she’s better than all of you.

  16. fred

    I can’t believe some of the comments, everyone needs to be treated fairly and the only one that can judge us is god, if she made a mistake, I am pretty sure we all made mistakes, and we were forgiven, lets move on, that family will continue to help the hip hop community

  17. amora

    yes kimora helps the “hip hop” community so much by using drugs and designing trashy clothes taht are insulting to women everywhere.
    ps there is no god so dont pull that crap

  18. Joyia

    I’m not hating on Kimora or Russell, but if you made a legitimate mistake, admit it! We all have messed up, but don’t make some cockamamie excuses when you did something illegal. Suck it up like the rest of we non-elite people who aren’t married to multi-millionaires, and suffer the consequences. Although she would like to admit as true, she is not GOD, nor perfect, but a mere mortal like everyone else.

  19. Joyce

    Hey Carol- if it’s a dumb article, you shouldn’t have read it- a lot of people are MORE than she is- YOU can shut the F up- it’s not about being a certain race, or anything-

  20. mercedes

    everyone who is dissing Kimora and Russell are just jealous…if you think i’m wrong you are a jealous one also. : )

  21. Joyce

    no one is jealous- we’re all too busy LAUGHING at them for getting caught and thinking they’re above the law!

  22. M.I.S.S.E.S

    Hell Naw Thats Fucked up
    I like her clothes and everything but that hoe cant think she to good to go to jail. well she so fucked up this time and how the hell yo uget caught with a dime or a nick bag of weed anyway she sould have tossed that shit

  23. kelley

    Ifeel sorry for her and to all da hatrez fuck u .Cuz kimora is representin all da femles.
    bapbaps dunno

  24. TAYLOR

    yall all sum haters if ya ask me.yall bitches just mad cuzz yall aint got what she got

  25. seriously now

    hmm…..the word vapid ….insipid…..comes to mind…..I bet Kimora does not even know the definition…

  26. Kaye

    I think at some point or another we forget that everyone is HUMAN! Rich or Poor we will all make mistakes in our lives. Before we start casting judgements let’s reflect on the many mistakes we have made, that could of been publicized. The only difference is that it wasn’t you this time….. Take care all and God bless always!

  27. I had a brief run-in with Kimora at a movie screening (and after-party) in November….. so I thought this anecdote might be of interest:

    “All the while, Russell

  28. I got a comment in my last post backward, by the way… Kimora was arrested months prior to the party in question.

  29. Samatha

    The woaman is a bitch. And as for you ms. carol you can shut the f*** up, cause she sure as hell not better than me.

  30. shorty

    all i gotta say iz dat all yall are fuccin hataz!! farealz!


    hehhe… `PZ

  31. Monique

    yes I hate kimora because she is always acting BLACK just because she’s married to a black MAN but I do like her clothes line baby phat is off da hook but she an’t

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