Kimberly Stewart Says Her Liver Is Just Fine

People reports:

Kimberly Stewart is denying reports that she is suffering from liver disease – but she does tell PEOPLE that her dad Rod Stewart has “big mouth.” That’s the clarification offered up by the daughter of the rock legend, after quotes surfaced from the elder Stewart saying that his daughter had “very serious liver illness from drinking too much.” “I love my dad but sometimes he has a big mouth and not just when he’s singing,” Stewart, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I don’t have a liver disease. I was exhausted and feeling sick from burning the candle at both ends, and my doctor told me to cut back on drinking and smoking, which I have, and I feel so much better.”

Yeah, I can see how it can get exhausting, standing next to people in photographs all day long. It’s actually a shame she doesn’t have liver disease. I thought it kind of made her sound somewhat interesting.

Written by Lisa Timmons

(Photos by Picture Perfect Agency)

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