Kimberly Stewart Reunited With Cisco Adler’s Pendulous Balls

March 26th, 2007 // 4 Comments

I’m probably in a I-Hate-Monday-Morning snit, but I can’t imagine a grosser couple. Seriously, if they lived together it would be the kind of apartment where there’s a lot of dog hair, and bongwater and people lighting cigarettes off the burner on the stove. Anyway, Kimberly Stewart and Cisco Adler have been reunited . Cuz’ it feels so good.

Rocker Cisco Adler and his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Stewart finally reconciled after four years of frostiness the other night at a Details magazine party at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Maybe it was the “relive your college days” theme that had everyone in high spirits, or the ice-cold Boone’s Farm wines – but Stewart and the Whitestarr frontman “looked totally cozy, just like in the old days,” says our spy. As you’ll remember, Kimberly, daughter of Rod Stewart, got a tattoo reading, “Daddy’s Little Girl Loves Cisco.” After their breakup, she changed it to say, “Daddy’s Little Girl Loves Disco.”

Ugh. Seriously, that was the worst tattoo choice ever. I don’t like when people bring their fathers into their love stories. Like those guys who bring their daughters to a special religious pledge your virginity to Daddy prom? That’s goddamn freaky and just seems geared towards incest. Daddy’s Little Girl Loves Disco is hot, though. Who doesn’t? But seriously, that guy? Weird balls.

More photos of Kimberly Stewart in that adorable little outfit after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. vinegar tits

    I don’t understand why she keeps that horrific “shaggy dog” hairstyle. She’s had it for what seems like years and years. And the bangs, oh the humanity!!

  2. lex

    ok, i disagree with premaritial sex in theory (meaning that my boyfriend and i are not married, we live together, we have sex, yet i fee a twinge of guilt). however, i totally agree that it’s creepy when fathers get sooo involved in their daughter’s virginity– hello, papa joe simpson giving jessica a ring to wear and blathering on about her virginity and her boobs in the same sentence!!!! also, anyone notice that he never seems to care if ugly ashlee is banging emo losers left and right before marriage

  3. Melissa Nicole

    Wow…you described my friends apartment to a T.

  4. Jennyo

    You know, the other day I was unpacking my groceries after I went to the store and I grabbed a long produce bag of baby vine tomatoes. And as I stood there, looking at that bag of tomatoes swinging from my outstretched hand, all I could think about was Cisco Adler’s balls. It was sort of a turning point. Am I so obsessed with gossip and blogging that I am beginning to see these idiots in my daily life???? And then one of the tomatoes slipped out of a hole in the bottom of the bag and fell on the floor, and I thought, NAAAAHHHH!!!!! hahaha i love this shit.

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