Kimberly Stewart Is About To Burst

March 13th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Run for your lives! Plus, the woman has really stinky feet.

When she took off her shoes for the pedicurist, our spy said, “her feet stunk so [bleeping] bad that the pedicurist refused to do her toes . . . or anybody else’s for the rest of the day.”

Stinky Feet [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. yourFACE

    looks like someones ass is sticking out of her dress … But I would still squeeze them

  2. Kelsey

    Are those new? Take em back for the 30 day warrenty!! Lord no!

  3. meow13

    They look like she’s drawn them on

  4. moss

    GAAHHHHHHHHH I never understood why everyone hates her so much. Now I get it. She looks like a 40 year old trying to look like a 12 year old and now she’s got the bolt-on boobies?? ugh. Hideous.

  5. timmons622

    Is this Alexis Arquette post-gender reassignment?!?! No, wait…Alexis is prettier…And more feminine…And…

  6. doofus

    I’m guessing that this is a “pre-implant-removal” picture…

    she used to have implants, but she had them taken out and she gave the actual implants to Jack Osbourne.

    unless she got new ones…

  7. Katie

    She looks like Amber Frey to me (Scott Peterson’s girlfriend).

    Skinny long face, ugh.

  8. Silasdog

    These have got to be new attachments, right?

  9. Cynthia

    F-U-G-L-Y-! As always….

  10. Roxanne

    Judging by the way she looks and the stories I’ve read about her I’m sure her feet aren’t the only thing that stinks!! EWWWWWWWWWWW.

  11. voodoochild

    it looks like she’s got hooves for feet. no wonder they stink…she’s been walking in muddy poop!

  12. las

    Did she get new fake boobs? Those things look like styrofoam balls just under the skin!

  13. jp

    look at her big toes!!! they are huge!! eww.

  14. JT

    And this “thing” called someone else Homely??? This bitch is a bucket of mud compared to Anisten.

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