Kimberly Stewart Loves Caroling

Imagine if these two freaks came up to your door singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” They’d scare your poor children half to death. Bags over their heads may be the answer.

Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly looks forward to her Christmas family tradition of going carol singing after lunch – because of her neighbours’ reaction when her father turns up at their door.

The socialite, 26, also loves cramming into the kitchen to make Christmas lunch with her entire extended family, comprising of the rocker’s seven children.

She says, “Our usual tradition is that everyone gets together and cooks dinner on Christmas Day. All the children, all the moms, everyone.

“Sometimes we go carol singing around the neighbourhood. You can imagine some people’s surprise when Rod Stewart is standing at their door singing to them.”

Kimberly Stewart Goes Carol Singing [FemaleFirst]