Kimberly Stewart And Talan Torriero’s Fake Engagement Called Off

In a surprise to no one, the engagement of “why do we know her name?” Kimberly Stewart and Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero is no longer. If this relationship had been real, don’t you think that the two would still be dating to see how things go? It seems odd that suddenly they are now “just friends.”

“It was just too soon to enter into a lifelong commitment,” their representatives said in a joint statement. “It is better to have a brief engagement than a short marriage. The couple continue to share their time together and remain open to whatever the future may hold.”

Torriero’s publicist, Jack Ketsoyan, said early Sunday that the two were no longer romantically involved. Stewart’s representative, Elliot Mintz, said they “remain friends.”

Mintz said they began dating “a relatively short period of time” ago. “It would be in the category of weeks as opposed to months,” Mintz said.

If you’re having problems coping with the break of of Stewart and Torriero, or Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, feel free to email me, and we’ll work out your feelings.

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