KImberly Stewart And Paris Hilton Rumors

July 7th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Random rumors sent in by readers.

Paris Hilton with love Paris Latsis are in Athens/Greece so Hilton can meet Latsi’s (who’s real surname is Kasidokostas – I live in Greece too) family and arrange the wedding things. A Greek channel named ALTER and the lifestyle show ‘TOP SECRET’ questioned Paris Hilton where is gonna be the wedding, Hilton said in Greece, in Athens OR in Mykonos a famous Greek iseland (many celebs have homes there and it’s a glamour area/iseland)

I was friends w/ a man who was a roadie and met and married the heiress to New skin a large cosmetics empire mainly sold in japan. They were neighbors to Rod Stewart and he said that Kimberly Stewart was a raging heroine addict. Also, this man is no longer my friend or anybodies from the NE Mpls. area he made visits and ended up in North Mpls. (bad part of town) smoking crack. Ah to be rich huh?!?!?

Think there is any truth to them?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    After looking at the pictures of Kim Stewart in a bathing suit ( I def. believe she was/is a junkie….

  2. hmmm

    she’s gotta be on something to remain that thin…the sheer hunger pangs alone, if not deadend by some chemical (coke or smack), would rip her in half.

  3. Denise

    Does anyone REALLY care where the alley cat gets married or what drugs the street rat is addicted to? If so… sad!

  4. grammarman

    Anyone else think that each of these blog entries need some serious spellchecking/grammar editing. Seriously, its getting harder and harder to understand what the heck the points are. Some 4th grade English lessons should help.

  5. C

    Hey Grammarman, hows your greek grammar? Yuh huh, I thought so.

  6. Ruby

    It is quite apparent, grammarman, that your interest in in grammar and not reading comprehension.

    The person who submitted the gossip is greek.

    And anyway, lighten up.

  7. bigsocialitefan

    What’s up with the bad grammar? Great gossip, but is your editor on holiday? Surely there’s not way that was posted by the lovely Miu.

  8. ella

    It’s not Miu you dumbass!

  9. The Tone

    uh, I know Kim, not really friends with her anymore, but ……. no heroine. Oh, and how interesting this lame website is. I got here through a link, not cuz I was looking …… but now I’m addicted. damn it.

  10. gigili

    duh, why would you think it’s miu, did you even read this story?
    and the tone, I wonder why your not friends with her anymore…..

  11. Beth

    Kimberly Stewart and Paris Hilton are raging Lesbians. Open your eyes people.

  12. jimmi

    Paris, kimberly & nicole richie all grew up together and were good friends, nicole got caught with heroin??? Just a thought.

  13. Milly

    I’M SO IN LOVE sound familiar thats what she says about EVERY relationship so you know how long do you think this one will last….I’ll give it 3 months!

  14. aui du

    Apparently Paris has made the rounds since she has been with Paris- she has been seen getting cozy with British socialite Shane Tyas and Spanish socialite Grant Tanguma. A world traveler- now thats hot!

  15. zippo

    I have a freind who saw pariswith Grant in nyc. They were at starbucks. BTW, she is not gay, just a floozie.

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