KImberly Stewart And Paris Hilton Rumors

Random rumors sent in by readers.

Paris Hilton with love Paris Latsis are in Athens/Greece so Hilton can meet Latsi’s (who’s real surname is Kasidokostas – I live in Greece too) family and arrange the wedding things. A Greek channel named ALTER and the lifestyle show ‘TOP SECRET’ questioned Paris Hilton where is gonna be the wedding, Hilton said in Greece, in Athens OR in Mykonos a famous Greek iseland (many celebs have homes there and it’s a glamour area/iseland)

I was friends w/ a man who was a roadie and met and married the heiress to New skin a large cosmetics empire mainly sold in japan. They were neighbors to Rod Stewart and he said that Kimberly Stewart was a raging heroine addict. Also, this man is no longer my friend or anybodies from the NE Mpls. area he made visits and ended up in North Mpls. (bad part of town) smoking crack. Ah to be rich huh?!?!?

Think there is any truth to them?