Kimberly Stewart Is One Class Act

June 16th, 2005 // 27 Comments

It keeps getting better and better.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moss

    what is she reading?? Danielle Steele’s autobiography?

  2. Anon

    Love the Smart water she’s carrying…

  3. She’s so gross. Can we start a campaign to ignore her? I love gossip and Paris and Boobney and all kinds of things in Hollywood but this chick seriously needs to be ignored.
    She’s not stylish, she’s not interesting, and she isn’t doing anything that any cuter, wealthier, and more intelligent leach can’t do better.

  4. N

    I thought the thong hanging out trend was over. Please…make it be over.

  5. She’s reading Jane Fonda’s autobiography — so she must be one smart gal. Then again, she could be just holding it for show. I went through four years of college carrying James Joyce’s Ulysses just to impress the English major babes, but never actually read it (except for the cool sex scene at the end).

  6. Why are her pants that big? What is going on?

  7. cakeboy

    its the jane fonda biography shes carrying
    (double puke)

  8. Smitty von Wangerbargen

    Maybe it’s the quality of the shot, but I count only 4 toes on that right foot.

  9. Maria

    God help us! Yet another blonde bimbo! Who makers these morons popular? Remember when her pal Paris the Skank lost her cell phone, and everything was posted on the internet? Kimberly Stewart’s email address was sexystewart@(something or other) Not that she is in love with herself (like Paris) or anything.

  10. medea

    she is a post op transexual.

  11. someone

    Yuck. Is she 40? I’m surprised the pap. would even bother to photo her and shit.

  12. jules

    Down here in the South we’d say she looks like she
    on that meth diet.
    Now look at the pic again, but imagine she’s coming out the door of a double wide.
    Told ya….

  13. moon

    lol jules!! i could totally picture her kicking it in the trailer park.

  14. ttt

    HAHA~ yikes!! Along with the sunken in teeth and jaw~ nice call Jules!

  15. Better than Kimberly

    Does anyone have any good dish on Kimberly and Wes (Puddle of Mudd)?? I think they both suck and belong in rehab together.

  16. murphette

    OMG, I found the “back-side” of this picture on another site…GOOD GOD.


    kimberly stuart is so AWESOME! i love her so much! she is the prettiest person in hollywood! she makes paris look like the gum on my shoe! SHE MAKES A DOGS ASS LOOK LIKE BEYONCE! dont hate on her bitches, we know you wanna be like her

  18. Bethany

    I think she has webbed feet.

  19. Natasha from Oz

    ur rite she sooo trailer trash
    I cant believe Paris would hang out with this tart
    mb its just to annoy Nicole

  20. sarah

    I seen here in a bikini. WOW she is like a poster child for Ethiopia. This is really quite sad. I wish these young sluts would just eat something.

  21. Jess

    you guys are honestly haters… just like paris ,kimberly is definetly not any different. So the ones who just keep on talking shit JUST REMEMBER,every woman in hollywood is a twig. Plus a lot of teen chicks who are into hollister and abercrombie r too. She’s no different.So stop and think for a second…… is that not true??

  22. stephen maggio

    she is a very beatiful women too.
    how old is kimberly stewart.
    does she have a e-mail list too.

  23. anamedea101

    No one has mentioned the fact that Kimberly looks like a 50 year old woman.

  24. Patrick

    She is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!! And more UGLY!!!! Howard Stern was talking about how ugly she is on his show one day… was so funny, and true.

  25. god she’s so ugly i dont know y she thinks she hot cOZ she anit im not jealous of her got no reason too but to be honest she is ugly even paris is hotter then her she’s just got one of those face’s u could slap hope she anit replacein nicole on the simple life SHE’S UGLY

  26. witnit

    i think she should eat a sandwich. maybe her clothes would fit better… i don’t hate her, btw. in fact, i’d like to help her. call UNICEF. feed the hungry, i always say.

  27. Katie

    Dude, with Rod Stewart’s genes she was doomed from the very beginning…

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