Kim Zolciak’s Hair Stylist Slams Lady Gaga, Says Others Came First

If you ever watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Chris Rock’s Good Hair documentary or watch Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular, you’ve met or seen stylist Derek J. The man does magical hair and wears some tall-ass pumps to boot. Pun intended.

But you know what drives him nuts, everyone who thinks Lady Gaga created ‘fantasy hair.’

“Fantasy hair is wearable art. It allows the hair stylist to be creative, to do what they wanna do, to create whatever they wanna create and put it on top of somebody’s head!” Derek J says of the genre.

“I hate the fact that [people are saying] Lady Gaga did it … even though she is part of it. You have Patti LaBelle, Cher, even Pat Benatar. They all had their time; that was their look. Before we allow Lady Gaga to take all the credit, there were some other artists that really wore [it]. They have always been there, but she has brought a 2010 twist to it. She has brought it back — each generation has their person that really steps across the line.”

Again, someone who realizes that Gaga wasn’t the first at pushing buttons or doing some daring things in fashion! Oh, and what the hell is going on with Kim Zociak’s hair line that she promised us in season 2 of RHOA?

“We’re still working together on it, but what it is, she wants the quality of the wig to the be same quality as what she wears … but that’s gonna cost the consumer $3,000! Everybody can’t get there. So I’m trying to get her out of that mind frame, to make the wig line consumer friendly. It’s hard for her to kind of grasp that,” he said. That’s probably because she’s dumb.

Check out Kim in all her glorious pieces (and I mean that hair) from various events!