Kim to Paris, “I Say a Little Prayer for You!”

Paris Hilton’s stay behind bars not only has her turning to the heavens for spiritual guidance, but has also inspired her friends to use the religious zeal pent up in their beings to help Paris through this trying time. According to the New York Daily News:

“I am praying for her and I love her to death,” Kim Kardashian told us at Monday’s N Network party at Marquee.

Am I reading too much into this scant bit of information? Perhaps. But really, she loves her to DEATH? Doesn’t that sound ominous? Is Kim plotting some kind of hostile socialite takeover after Paris gets out of jail, so that she can assume Paris’ position as…well, whatever it is she does exactly? Am I grasping at straws here? Was I up too late watching TV and subsequently making very little sense at the moment? These are all important questions that need to be asked. And I’m asking them.