Kim Sez She Didn’t Leak The “Pig” Tape

April 24th, 2007 // 14 Comments

These two drooling lunatics haven’t had this much press since they first go together so many years ago and annoyed the hell out of everyone they came in contact with. Kim Basinger is claiming she had nothing to do with releasing the tape of her ex Alec Baldwin freaking his shit on their daughter .

The Oscar-winning actress denies leaking the angry voicemail Baldwin left for daughter Ireland almost two weeks ago after the child supposedly missed one of his scheduled calls, Basinger’s rep, Annett Wolf, said in a statement Monday. The recording ended up posted on last week.

“Kim’s sincerest wish if for him to finally address his unstable and irrational behavior so he, at some point, can potentially create a relationship with his daughter,” wolf’s statement continues. “Until then, Kim will continue to protect and safeguard her child’s well-being as any parent would.”


More details on the custody battle of Ireland Baldwin are after the jump.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Maren Nelson, who has been overseeing this increasingly nasty custody battle for the past two years, has ordered Baldwin to stay away from Ireland pending a May 4 hearing.

Kim’s so hot for a crazy lady. I can’t imagine why Ireland was avoiding his phone calls. He seems like the kind of Dad that will make you kneel on rice in the kitchen if you get tagged out at first at your softball game. I wonder if Tina Fey is like “uh, Alec, you’re REALLY good on the show but we, well, might have to bump you down to a recurring thing. Don’t hit me!”

By J. Harvey

  1. hotmess

    Seriously, is this really such a huge deal? What do you guys do to your kids when they’re bad? Seeing as I dont have any kids yet, I always figured I’d think up intelligent punishments that would teach them how what they had done was wrong, because self realisations are always more effective, but part of me always thinks no thats too much effort and I’d just wind up yelling at them.

    God help my kids though, my family is the most ridiculously overdramatic one you’ll ever meet. The other day my Mom and my little sister (shes 19) were having a fight and my Mom said she wished my sister was dead. My sister just laughed in her face. Worst of all people, it was a fight over PEAS. PEAS!!!!!

  2. T-Bone

    “Play fighting” with parents is just a tad different than Alec Baldwin’s abusive, terrorizing rant. I’m with Kim on this one.

  3. Mr. T

    Kim is lying (obviously). While no one can condone what Alec said to his daughter, it only fuels the fire to release that to the public. Kim pays for her daughter’s cell phone plan (with money Alec has provided through child support). So Kim ultimately is responsible for releasing the recording. Is she a lying bitch? YEP. The kid needs counseling along with BOTH the parents. I think Kim’s been poisoning her daughter towards the father and I think Alec is at his wits end. Face it, there are some pretty evil women out there and Kim is sure one of them. Good luck to them all.

  4. ms.conception

    Unfort those words will stay with her forever. This whole thing is sad and it has been 5 years since they were divorced. I predict it will be drug out another 6 years just to ensure that she reaches 18 and then its a moot point! Sad

  5. Sue

    Think about this: it is unlikely that this is the first rude, threatening voice message that Alec left for his family. Why would she wait until now?
    I just don’t buy that Kim is wholly responsible for alienating Alec from her daughter, seems to me he is doing a pretty good job of that himself.
    If he really wants to spend time with his daughter, I would think he would stop with the threats and name calling, put a moratorium on his hate for Kim, as this appears to be the real problem, and be a dad!

  6. pizda

    It’s a good thing no one ever recorded my family, or my parents losing their cool with me and my sis and had it played over airwaves. I don’t condone what Alec called her, but I would not be suprised to find his behavior normal/acceptable in a typical home. Parenting and kids don’t come with manuals.

  7. T-Bone

    Kim is obviously NOT lying! Alec Baldwin is showing his true colors. Unfortunately for him, he is not only abusive, but stupid as hell as well. He actually thought that he had a court order to seal this type of thing, which is why he didn’t think it could be used against him in public. THAT is why he wasn’t afraid to leave such a scathing message. He thought it couldn’t be leaked. Well leaked it was, Mr. Baldwin! Next time read the fine print of the court order.

  8. Tonysgirl

    I do not think she would leak the information.
    Alec said things that came back and bit him in the rearend.And now he has to do damage control, and instead of taking responsibility for what he said, he blames it on his EX,when he should have stepped up and said what I said was wrong, and out of line.
    All this stuff cracks me up though, ASL is funny to read and give an opinion.

  9. givemeabreak

    I think Kim did release the tape. She should have to take the consequence for that. Alec SHOULD have used different language with Ireland. You should never call your kids names. BUT, who hasn’t screamed at their kids? If you say you haven’t you’re LYING. Many have cursed at their kids too. EVERYBODY loses it with their kids at some point. Ireland may be insensitive to her father. Kim probably DOESN’T care if Ireland respects Alec or not. He has been fighting this for years. I think they both have shown that they need a mediator to intervene. Kim needs to demand that Ireland show her father the same respect she shows her. She needs to stay out of his relationship with Ireland. Alec needs to respect his child ALL the time.

  10. T-Bone

    Read CNN folks. This tape was not “sealed” by court order. Alec thought it was sealed, but it wasn’t. So if Kim did get this out to the public, good for her!

  11. Rocky

    It doesn’t matter who’s at fault or who is lying.

    Just forget everything you ever knew and listen to the recording that Alex left for his child.

    The recording alone, causes concern for the safety of the child while in the care of her father.

  12. I’ve always hated Alex Baldwin and now I have an excuse :)

  13. jazzy

    I’m a mother of a twelve year old as well as a nine year old. And there are times, which are pretty rare, that I have raised my voice to them. And never have I once called them out of their name. Because, they are children, and I’m the adult, and it’s my responsibility to act as such. No matter what Ireland or Kim has done to this point, warrants the type of language he used towards his daughter. I’ve tried looking at both sides, and true, No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But Alec has a history of his temper, it’s very well documented. And whether Kim had leaked the recording or not, I truely would not blame her. She’s doing whatever she has to, to protect her child. And for anyone to say that the message he’d left her was normal, seriously needs a mental check. What could that child have done to be called a “Thoughtless Pig”? If he wants to have a relationship with his daughter, he has a funny way of showing it.

  14. Lexi

    Ahh… I finally figured out by doing a little
    research why Kim is so bent on revenge. It seems
    Alec left her for Kristin Davis (brunette on Sex
    and the City) and she’s been hell bent on making
    his life hell the only way she can get to him.
    By NOT letting him see his only child. What
    a pyscho.

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