Kim Sez She Didn’t Leak The “Pig” Tape

These two drooling lunatics haven’t had this much press since they first go together so many years ago and annoyed the hell out of everyone they came in contact with. Kim Basinger is claiming she had nothing to do with releasing the tape of her ex Alec Baldwin freaking his shit on their daughter .

The Oscar-winning actress denies leaking the angry voicemail Baldwin left for daughter Ireland almost two weeks ago after the child supposedly missed one of his scheduled calls, Basinger’s rep, Annett Wolf, said in a statement Monday. The recording ended up posted on last week.

“Kim’s sincerest wish if for him to finally address his unstable and irrational behavior so he, at some point, can potentially create a relationship with his daughter,” wolf’s statement continues. “Until then, Kim will continue to protect and safeguard her child’s well-being as any parent would.”


More details on the custody battle of Ireland Baldwin are after the jump.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Maren Nelson, who has been overseeing this increasingly nasty custody battle for the past two years, has ordered Baldwin to stay away from Ireland pending a May 4 hearing.

Kim’s so hot for a crazy lady. I can’t imagine why Ireland was avoiding his phone calls. He seems like the kind of Dad that will make you kneel on rice in the kitchen if you get tagged out at first at your softball game. I wonder if Tina Fey is like “uh, Alec, you’re REALLY good on the show but we, well, might have to bump you down to a recurring thing. Don’t hit me!”