Kim Porter Has Something To Say


And it’s about time. Diddy’s ex isn’t relying on just her child support take. She’s gone to “OK!” to explain why she’s no longer with Sean Combs. The umbrella carrier guy would have been a deal breaker for me, but she seems more patient. Maybe another season of “Making The Band” drove her away. Or maybe it was….his ass was cheating constantly! She also takes the time to make sure we know his relationship with J. Lo wasn’t serious. I think she’s still sore about that one.

On His Alleged Cheating: “I will never sit here and say that Puffy — or any man — is 100 percent faithful. I just don’t believe it. Some of you are, but I’m not going to sit here and say that I didn’t believe that he cheated on me. I would never say that. I’m aware that he’s cheated.”

Keep reading for where she obviously hates Jennifer Lopez to this day.

And on J.Lo’s relationship with Diddy: “It was an embarrassment. I never thought it was real. I knew what was going on with him. Despite what you see in print and when the cameras are flashing, what’s going on in someone’s heart may be totally different. He was still [in love] with me. I never looked at their relationship [as serious].”

Man, does she hate her ass. I would too, that chick’s annoying. Kim goes on to say that she left because the relationship wasn’t going where she needed it to. Well, yeah, you just said he cheated! And she says that Sienna Miller had nothing to do with their breakup. She claims Diddy and Sienna are just friends. I would think she’s being foolish but then I think even Diddy might have standards.