Kim Kardasian And Her Sisters Are Writing A Relationship Book

The girl who got knocked up by a douchebag that her family hates, a lady who went head first into a reality show wedding, and the girl who goes from man to man are writing a book on relationships..that I’m sure I’m totally going to read.

In their defense the Kardashian sisters seem pretty happy and when it comes down to it the girls are really doing more of a tell-all. In an interview with an Australian newspaper Kim Kardashian, who posed for pictures are her way to a photo shoot in Syndney on Sunday, said “My sisters and I are writing a book. It’s going to [have] lots of fun tips and stories and everything about relationships; it’s a little bit more of an in-depth look into our lives, even though people think that they’ve probably seen everything. We’re just being super-candid and sharing lots of pictures and fun stuff.”

Maybe it will answer the is she or isn’t she doing things with Cristiano Ronaldo question.