Kim Kardashian’s Busy Beach And Babysitting Day

This is the kind of busy I could handle.

Kim Kardashian hung out under a cabana on the beach in Miami with big sister Kourtney Kardashian as they talked and read books about being a new mom. Kim wraps a sarong around her Quicktrim bikini body and walks around the beach while Kourtney pulls on a cute cover up and gladiator sandals. For some reason Kourtney attracts a bunch of teenagers, one who looks like he’s offering her a Corona. Can not figure out what’s happening there.

Kim does a costume change and takes out Kourtney’s baby Mason for another shopping trip, which seems to be Kim’s version of babysitting. She checks out some clothes and sunglasses for the little one and walks out with some purchases. It’s all a normal day of activities…for the cameras. If Kim never leaves Miami they are going to have to add her name in Khloe and Kourtney’s reality show. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen much of Khloe in Miami.