Kim Kardashian Will Twitter Bitch-Slap You

Say what you want about my girl, Kim Kardashian.

She’s a fame whore, she deserves the death threats she’s receiving from Justin Bieber fans or the most she’s contributed to society is a reality show and a sex tape. All of these may be slightly true. But at the end of the day, she’s still way richer and way prettier than all you fools. (Exhibit A: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian hitting the blue carpet for the ‘Battle of the Bots’ party in Hollywood this weekend).

In fact, my beloved Kim took to Twitter this weekend (in true fame-seeking form) to blast a company called NYC Peach for stealing her cell phone after she sent it to them in December to bedazzle. Who needs world peace, people? We clearly have bigger problems to deal with!!!

Kim has yet to tweet about the incident again, but it’s only Monday. Maybe she realized how much free publicity she’s giving the thieves by name-dropping them so much? Or she’s just been too distracted staring at herself to remember.

Either way, both the blinged out cell phone and obsession with looking fabulous ALWAYS, just proves how much we would be besties. Fact.