Kim Kardashian To Play Lara Croft

June 7th, 2010 // 3 Comments

There’s no way, this is so stupid.

Angelina Jolie was reportedly dropped from Tomb Raider 3 because the studio is looking to reboot the series and go for something and somebody younger (anyone else hear the franchise going down the toilet over those echos of of bad changes of direction past?)

Megan Fox was first rumored to take over the role, but she denied it. Now Kim Kardashian, whose acting experience consists of waving and smiling at the people (could have been you)who showed up to her signing of her issue of Shape on Saturday (June 5) is rumored to be taking on the video game vixen.

“Kim has wanted to play a far more comic-strip version of Lara, which would be shot in 3D and aimed at a teen audience,” a source told the Global Grind website.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Anonymous

    God no.
    Hopefully she won’t mess up the series.
    I wish her luck. (She’s gonna need it)

  2. Naomi

    F*ck Kim I want Angelina Jolie back !! Kim is going to break a nail or something !!! Angelina is doing her own Stunds !!! They want a ‘Younger’ person ,, well if they are picking her they got the words STUPID AND IDIOTS spelled on their forhead !!

  3. kimberly

    what? ANGELINA is too old to play the part? last time i checked she is only 5 years older than that talentless kim. NO WAY! what are you thinking? Lady Croft is not a slut. She is an adventurer with beauty and intelligence combine.

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