Kim Kardashian To Get Married Soon?

March 20th, 2009 // 3 Comments

After trying to hard to play coy about her relationship with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian finally relented and told paparazzi while shopping on Robertson Boulevard that the couple had plans to get married.

Her response to questions about wedding plans was, “Soon, soon.” The reality TV star claimed that she and her athlete boyfriend would tie the knot “in a church.”

Speaking of tying knots, what’s the deal with these headbands everybody’s wearing? I know most celebs don’t need as much blood getting to their brain cells as the rest of us, but still.

Gallery Info: Kim Kardashian wears a headband while shopping on Robertson Boulevard with a friend.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Fred Galligan

    Not a good look.

  2. garry wright

    hi kim i only started to seriously follow your career in feburary of this year and i think your a wonderful person if reggie bush is the guy for you i hope he makes you happy. ive had a rough ten years i have kids i havent seen since their birth a long and dark crack habit which i only kicked the beginning of january and the list goes on and on. you know what i wish i was in reggies position. you are extremely attractive your a business woman model socialite actress and most importantly you always think family first. i wish i had a women like that however i have a long way to go. whatever you do think about what really makes you happy and pray alot of people look up to you and you have to show an example to these people who are mostly young girls who need a role model. you know what what the heck im going to give you my number and maybe one day when you are bored you can give me a call it is 604 719 6580 and you know what im going to give you my parents number too they live in trinidad 1 868 625 7187. you know what kim prey for me its been a long hard road and i dont know whats in store for me i love who you are and you inspire me. oh yeah im trying to get keep up with the kardashians season 2 however i dont have a credit card and i wopuld like to purchase it somewhere in vancouver so if you can give me a heads up on that it would be appreciated. say hello to the family and wish your mother happy mothers day you have a great family. take it easy god bless and i will remember you in my prayers

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