Kim Kardashian Talks About Being Blonde

Kim Kardashian was once known for her dark hair and big ass, but one of those things has changed. You know which one I’m talking about yes? Kim is now a beach blonde, and quite frankly, I think she looks better.

After debuting her blonde hair at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Kim talked to People about the reason and how it happened. She did say she wanted a change at the awards, and that is exactly what she got. “I needed an end of summer change. I’ve never dyed my hair before and I’ve been working out, feeling so great why not add to the change?”

Kim when to her stylist Clyde Haygood who hooked her up with Rebecca Friedman, stylist to the stars. Rebecca decided that because of Kim’s olive tone, she couldn’t go that platinum blonde all celebrities eventually go to. She had to stick with a darker, beachier blonde. “It suited her coloring. We couldn’t take her platinum because her coloring is too dark — you have to take into account not only her hair color, but her eyes and skin color,” Rebecca said. “We wanted to keep it really healthy and shiny and keep a minkier, darker base so that it didn’t go brassy, so it looked more natural and sun-kissed, like she’d been at the beach all summer.”

And Kim could not be happier. “She loved it-she was freaking out, she was so into it. I think she looks amazing,” Rebecca says. “I’m still trying to decide if blondes do have more fun!” Kim said. “I wanted a change…I was ready for something new!”

Was this more of an end of summer change Kim? Or more of an “I just broke up with my boyfriend” change?

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