Kim Kardashian Takes The Lie One Step Further

Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit to keep her sextape with Whitney Houston’s little boyfriend from going public. Whatever. I still think this thing is a total ruse on her part, and her ultimate goal to get in the spotlight has been realized. She wants to be on the level of her best friend Paris and get invited to the Vienna Opera Ball so people can throw lit cigarettes at her during mall appearances. Even her dead Dad thinks she’s sleazy. And he defended O.J.

She filed the suit against Vivid Entertainment, asking for unspecified damages, attorney fees and a restraining order, which would prevent the company from releasing the tape public.


What’s in those court papers? Find out after the jump.

In the court papers filed today in Los Angeles, Kardashian says that she and Ray J (whose real name is Willy Ray Norwood Jr.) had been “dating exclusively for several years, videotaped themselves while engaging in sexual relations with each other, with the express understanding and agreement that the videotape was for their own personal enjoyment” and that Kim never intended the video “of her most intimate acts to be made a product of commercial exploitation and mass public distribution.”

In the lawsuit, she refers to herself as “a television host, model, stylist, celebrity, and successful fashion retailer”, confirming for all of us that these freaks think being a celebrity is a goddamn job. Who did she style? Paris? Could she style her an eyepatch so I don’t have to wonder why one of her eyes refuses to acknowledge me when I’m talking to her?