Kim Kardashian Sets It Free, Ray J. Celebrates

April 30th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Remember that sad-looking sex tape starring Kim Kardashian and Moesha’s brother? The one that Kim was pretending to fight even though it was a huge publicity ploy and she still planned to make money off it? Yeah, well, you’ve got Kim’s official ok to be able to rush out and get a copy of their urine-soaked adventure seeing as she’s dropped her lawsuit. If you hurry, maybe you’ll still be able to find a parking spot near the video store. Lord knows there’s sure to be some kinda riot.

The tape, which Vivid paid a million dollars for, is now a bestseller in adult video stores and online markets. Vivid’s co-chairman tells TMZ, “We are pleased that Kim has dropped her legal action against us, we met with her several times and finally reached a financial arrangement that we both feel is fair.”

Her master plan worked perfectly. Sources say that she’s getting 5 mil out of the whole deal. Keep reading for how Ray J. celebrated the release.

Ray J. was in Vegas, sans Whitney, and picking the winner of a Kim K. look-a-like contest. Did she run under a sprinkler as part of the contest?

Ray J was in Las Vegas over the weekend — and TMZ caught up with the rapper at JET at the Mirage, celebrating a video release party for his sex tape starring celebufriend Kim Kardashian.

His entourage chilled in the VIP room, sipping Grey Goose and Dom, while JET hosted a Kim K look-alike contest. Sources inside the party tell TMZ that the competition was fierce, but Ray narrowed it down to one lucky lady, who won a chance to star in Ray’s next, er, film.

Ray J left the club when the lights came on around 4:30 AM. Sources overheard him saying that he and Whitney Houston are just “good friends, and he is her support system in her times of need.” Yes, we’ve seen Ray’s support in his sex tape.

These two are probably the classiest people on Earth. I wish I could have been there to compete. As a follow-up, they plan to re-team and make sure O.J. stays out of jail to fulfill Kim’s Dad’s legacy. And then? Ruling the earth!

By J. Harvey

  1. I’ve seen the video, its not that great. Im thinking about making a sex tape to become famous and have paparazzi come after me too!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    She’s a pig, but a rich pig. I can’t believe what dig pigs bought that tape.

  3. god, i’d hate to think she’s smart enough to come up with a plan like this. but anyone who’d be surprised that she was in on the tape release from teh get go is very naive.

  4. Kim is a sick woman. If Mr.Right comes along he won’t want her anymore. Then there goes her fairy tale life. Ha! Jokes on you Kim. Wake Up!
    You want to me God? You were born into a privledged family and you waisted everything.

    Do you think it’s possible that their will be men out there molesting their kid while their watching your movie? YES! DEFINITELY! And you want to stop sex slavery? Boy, you really know how to contradict yourself! Why don’t you set up a charity fund to help children who were molested because some sicko out there got turned on by watching a porno – maybe yours. OR ARE YOU REALLY THAT NAIVE?

  5. E

    ill still ttake her shes still a gorgeous lady and can take a dick

  6. poopy

    I’m hornnnyyy :)

  7. dkulpwx pslym

    yofjr slmqwyfcn wstryk tmswe spzhtumy xwornegm sljnfik

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