Kim Kardashian Not Pregnant, But Does Go Binge Shopping

Life & Style is swirling the rumor that Kim Kardashian might be pregnant, after supposedly buying three pregnancy tests at a London pharmacy. The star is abroad – I’m assuming on vacation as seen by the pictures of her and mom Kris Jenner shopping at John Galliano’s store in the gallery – and has taken in some golf, visited the Louvre in Paris and of course tweeting the entire time.

To further prove that she’s not pregnant (or maybe that she wanted to get her mind off of being pregnant?), Kim stopped by the Hermes store in Paris where she and mom Kris purchased six bags, valued at $10,000 a bag.

Kim also purchased a rare crocodile-skin bag, and all told, the two surpassed $100,000 with tax and all on their excursion to Hermes according to TMZ.

Shew! Papa don’t preach, she’s keeping her purses!