Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson, Travis Clark & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]

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Here is what’s happening in the celebrity Twitter Universe:

Kim Kardashian goes under the laser for hair removal:
KimKardashian: Just finished laser hair removal at Laser Away! Gotta love being Armenian!

Lindsay Lohan is scared:
- night night… before i am bed ridden from getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow – wish me luck – i’m scared
- Going to get my wisdom teeth removed! :’( visitors accepted

Justin Bieber debuts his new song with Jaden Smith:
#NeverSayNever to believing in your dreams…u all make mine come true everyday. thank u :)

Katie Cassidy tweets photo from film set:
On set with the girls (Leighton Meester & Selena Gomez)

Kelly Clarkson shares her thoughts on pants-less female performers:
Kudos to all the women in the industry that can get away with not wearing pants for performances but I feel like I missed a pop star memo??

Travis Clark of We the Kings, responds to Hayley Williams’ topless photo by posting a topless photo of himself.
support @yelyahwilliams forever!! Everyone’s human and sometimes shit happens!

Ricky Martin gets his wig on with Sting:
WTF. Lol Good times!

Mark Hoppus befriends machines:
Always trying to better befriend my vacuum cleaner, so when the robots take over he’ll step in & say “it’s ok. he’s with me.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

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